DataGraph 4.7

DataGraph Version 4.7

Released June 21, 2021

Free update for all license holders.
App store users must download from the mac App store.
All other license holders download here.

Why are you seeing this page? You just opened DataGraph and the program detected that a new version of DataGraph has been released. This update is free for license holders. Please take a moment to upgrade your version.


  • Scalar Field command
  • Pop-up Notes for columns, variables, commands, and groups
  • Text outline for Text and Label commands
  • Quick Graph for Text Columns
  • Plot Intermittent Points Option


  • Added standard errors for the arbitrary fit option in the Fit command (non-linear fit).
  • Added Format options when labels are based on text columns. Applies to the PointsPlotLinesConnectBarPie commands. Options are ‘Automatic’ or ‘Raw Text’.
  • Added a label position “End” to the Bar command to match the “End” option for the Bars command.
  • Improved the color scheme when you use dates.
  • Increased the ‘slice’ limit for the Pie command.
  • Added a way to export a dtable file.


  • Text From Column variable now works properly when getting the name of a redirected column.
  • 5% and 10% padding for a date axis will not treat Jan 1st 1970 any differently.
  • The space for X and space for Y now is used even if there are no tick marks drawn if you specify the space exactly. Medium, Narrow etc is based on the font size and with no tick marks that space is 0.

Learn more about key updates in What’s new in DataGraph 4.7

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