Example Files

DataGraph gives you access to an online repository of example files. The example window opens at startup or by using File > On-line examples (⇧-⌘-N).

Examples files are a starting point for a new file. They are also intended as learning tools. New examples are uploaded all the time, often in response to user questions.

Open Files

When you click the Open button for a file, the file is downloaded to your computer. A copy of the file is opened as a new untitled document. You are free to use and modify these files.

Search Bar

Search for graphs of a particular type. For example, here the search bar is used to locate files with “ternary” in the description. In some cases, you will find multiple examples for different graph types with varying options and complexity.

You can also filter by category:

  • Basic – basic graphs such as lines, bars, and pies
  • Analysis – curve fitting and summary statistics
  • Layout – split graphs, panel graphs, double axes
  • Custom – waterfall, spider graphs, ternary plots, etc.
  • Data sets – files with larger datasets with a series of graphs
  • Themes – files where the layout has been customized

Graph Types

Note that DataGraph is not a program with a list of predefined graph types. Rather, DataGraph is a tool to create graphics using drawing commands. The 25+ drawing commands create basic representations of data and familiar graph types (e.g., Lines, Bars, Histograms, etc.).

As you explore the example files, you will find a wide variety of graphs. That is because each command has many drawing options to vary the basic graph. Also, the commands can also be combined to create custom graph types (e.g., Dendrograms, Raincloud Plots, Sunburst Charts, Windrose, etc.).

The drawing canvas is an x-y coordinate system. Using geometric calculations, representations in alternate coordinate systems can also be created using DataGraph (e.g., Spider plots, Polar plots, Ternary diagrams).

Because DataGraph is so flexible, many unique graph types can be created. If there is a graph type you need that is not currently in the example files, contact us using the Help menu in DataGraph. We can evaluate the graph type and prepare a template file to add to the example files.

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