The Lines command draws horizontal or vertical lines at specified locations.

In the simplest case, it draws them either vertically – “X Lines” or horizontally “Y Lines”. This can be used to mark certain points on a plot. The main use of this command is to draw lines of interest, but you can also create horizontal or vertical lines at any location.


One Line

By default, the Lines command will draw a line at ‘0’.

You can type in another value or a variable name.

Multiple Lines

For multiple lines, specify a comma separated list,

Or change the menu from ‘List’ to the name of a column that contains a list of numbers.


If Type is “X lines” the values are used as x coordinates, if Type is “Y lines” the values are y coordinates.


When you have split axes, you can have the lines across ‘All axes’.

Variable formatting


The Extent setting can also be used to set an upper or lower limit on the lines. These can be set a single value or set to a column to vary the length.

Line color

You can also apply a color scheme.

For example, you can set the Upper limit and the Line color to the same column. Then the line will change color depending on its height.


Label each of your lines using a column as input. The label can be a numerical value or a text.

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