The Plot command requires two columns, X and Y.

These can be number columns, date columns, or text columns that have been mapped to a number.

Line Style

The default line style is a solid line. You can remove the line entirely or choose from the nine built-in line styles.

You can also create your own line styles. These are defined in the Style settings for your graph.

Point Style

You can add points at the x-y coordinate pairs. There are over 20 different points styles to choose from.


Use the color tile to select the line/point color.

When the point style has a fill, a second color tile is shown for the fill color.


The line width is set to the pen variable. The point size is set to the point variable.

To change the sizes, you can:

  • edit the point/pen value in the Style settings (recommended)
  • enter a number directly
  • enter a different variable name
  • use the slider to change the value interactively


The connect setting allows you to draw multiple disconnected lines.

Line Type

The line type can be straight, steps, or smooth.

Fill Style

Specify where to add fill between lines.

By default, the Fill style is set from ‘Y’ and Between is set to the ‘X-Axis’.

Select a second column for Between to fill between the two values.


Specify the type of fill.

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