The Plots command draws one or more line plots that share the same domain. In other words, you have one X column with multiple Y columns. You can also plot one Y with multiple Xs.


The Plots command works with number or date columns.

Example Data

Specify the X column at the top of the command.

Plots command, X = ‘main’

The Y lines are specified at the bottom of the command.

Plots command for one line

To add lines, click the ⨁ symbol to the right of the first line.

Plots command for multiple lines


The default Type is Y as a function of X (one X with many Ys).

If you change the Type, the first line of the command will change to X or Y. The lines will shift to reflect the Type.

Drawing X(Y)

Lines & Points

The Lines and Points options are similar to the Plot command. Changing these options here will effect every line drawn.

Custom Lines and Points


There is a color tile at the top of the command that will change the color for all lines.

Color Set for all Lines

The color tiles next to each line can override the main color.


The Offset will shift lines relative to the first line drawn in the X and Y direction. This can be useful for exploring overlapping data.

Offset in the X direction

Note: The offset only applies when you have multiple lines drawn.


Add a solid Fill from the line to the axis. The ‘Below’ setting adds a fill when the line goes below the zero. Select ‘Above/Below’, to specify the fill color when the line is above or below zero.

Fill Colors Above/Below Zero


The Connections setting will change every line. Draw straight lines, steps, or smoothed lines.

Connections set to Smooth lines

Variable formating

Use the Style menu for each line to customize them individually.


The color tiles change the color for individual lines.

Custom Colors for Line2 and Line3

Use the gear menu in the top right, ⚙︎, for a list of color suggestions. The number of colors shown will correspond to the number of lines.

Color Suggestions for Three Lines


You can also add points to individual lines. This reveals a second color tile for the point.

Adding Points for Line2

If you have points for all the lines, you can vary the marker selection for individual lines.

Custom Points for Line2


Apply a Mask across all the data or an individual line.

Mask Applied for Line3

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