How to Import Data

When you import data into DataGraph, the program will interpret your data files to identify column separators, column headers, and determine data types for each column.

Drag and Drop

Drag and drop is a quick way to import data from one or more selected files on the desktop or in the Finder. Every file format that DataGraph understands can be imported using a simple drag and drop.

Drag and drop onto the data table to import columns without a group.

Drag and Drop onto the column list to import as a Column Group. The group name is set equal to the file name. Expand the group to see the columns listed.

Here is what the data looks like when it is ungrouped, where each column has a corresponding object on the left.

Here is what the grouped data looks like, where the objects in the column list are surrounded by the group object and have a shaded background in the data table.

Column Groups: DataGraph uses Column Groups to organize data. Groups are similar to sheets in a spreadsheet, but have many advantages including:

  • Nest groups within groups,
  • View multiple groups at once,
  • Easily hide a group from view, and
  • Click and drag to reorder groups.

Select from Finder

To select a file using the Finder, click on the Data menu …

or click the gear menu on the top left of the data table.

From there, you can access several import options including:

  • Import File (or type Shift-⌘-I )
  • Import File Portion
  • Import Excel Sheet
  • Import Special (or type Option-⌘-I )

Import File

Select this option (or type Shift-⌘-I ) to open the Finder menu to select a file. The selected file will be imported in the same way as using drag and drop.

Import File Portion

Select this option to access a simple interface to select rows to import. Click and drag to select multiple rows. Use ⌘-Click to select individual rows.

Only the rows selected are imported.

Import Excel Sheet

Select this option to get a preview of an Excel file, and an interactive interface to click and drag a section to import.

NOTE: You do not need to use this option to import from excel. Excel files can be imported using drag and drop, just like any file format that DataGraph understands.

The selected cells are imported.

If a file has multiple sheets, they will be listed on the left side of the importer. You can only import from one sheet at a time.

NOTE: If you have multiple sheets, a quick option is to drag and drop on the column list. A group is created using the Excel file name. Each sheet becomes a nested group.

Import Special

The Import Special option allows you to preview your data while specifying how the data should be imported.

This interface is itself a small program within DataGraph that has a lot of powerful functionality to create custom data import methods, or data parsers, that can be saved and reused.

To learn more see How to Create an Import Method.

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