How to Combine Graphs

You can combine or composite multiple graphs using a Graphic command. This command will add an existing graph as an image. You can also use the Graphic command for adding external images.

NOTE: If your graphs share the same axis, try using a Split axis.

Select Graphs

To combine two graphs.

  1. Select File > New Graph > For composition. This creates a new blank graph.
  2. Select Command > Add Graphic (at the bottom of the menu).
  3. In the command, set Source to ‘Graph’.
  4. Choose an existing graphs from the thumbnails.
  5. Repeat twice (2-4) for a second graph.

Use the Anchor setting to align the graphs on the Graphic command.

Use the Offset to specify a distance from the Anchor location, where the Offset can be in pixels or in distance units (i.e., 2cm,2cm).

Use Drag and Drop

You can also drag the thumbnails onto a Graphic command to quickly select the graph. Or Drag the thumbnails onto the command list to create a Graphic command using that image.

Both approaches are illustrated below.

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