Custom Legend

The Custom Legend command allows you to manually create a legend, and has many options that go beyond the default Legend command.

To add, select Command > Add Custom Legend.

Legend vs. Custom Legend

The Legend command derives the legend entries automatically, based on the commands that are in the graph. You can customize the names and order of the entries, but the actual symbols and colors are generated automatically.

In the Custom Legend, you have complete control over the legend content. For example, you may want to specify which commands to include, exactly specify the symbols and colors the legend will display, or add titles or group the legend entries in categories.

The Custom Legend is also the only way to display color and marker schemes for a graph.


The location of the Legend relative to the graph.


Set the number of columns for the legend and the overall width in pixels.


Where the anchor point is located.


Enter an offset in x and y direction in pixels.

Legend Title

Enter an title that will go at the top of the legend.

Add Entries

There are six different types of entries that you can add to the custom legend: 

  1. Command – entries based on a specified drawing command
  2. Point – a point that you can customize
  3. Color – a color that you can customize 
  4. Variable – the value for a variable including color scheme variables 
  5. Pattern – a pattern that you can customize
  6. Text – a label that you can use as a divider between entries.

Click on one of theses items:

Customize each item.

Legend size

The size of the legend entry. Increases the space between the symbol and the text.


Controls the vertical space between items.

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