Paste Special Example: The decimal separator

DataGraph assumes that you are using a point to indicate a decimal; however, in many countries, the comma is used to separate the decimal.

For example, here is a text file containing numbers, where the decimal is the comma and the thousands separator is the point.

If you paste this file into DataGraph, the comma will be interpreted as a column separator by default.

If this is not what you want, the solution is to use the Paste Special Interface.

  1. First, copy the contents of the file into the click board (Command-C).
  2. Next, select Edit > Paste Special or Shift-⌘-V. This will immediately open the Paste Special interface.
  3. Set the Separator to ‘Only Tab’ so that the comma (,) will not be used as a separator.
  4. Check ‘First row is column name’.
  5. Click the number conversion check box as shown (e.g., 4.234,01→4232.01).

The window shows a preview of what the values will look like when pasted.

Click Paste to import the data as shown.

You can still display numbers in the graph using the comma as a decimal separator. To do that, adjust the decimal menu option in the Style settings.

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