Inspector Tools

Loupe tool

This is the small icon in the toolbar click on it, it activates a magnifying loupe in all scripts.

By default, the loop tool is not activated.

Pasted Graphic 6

Click the icon in the toolbar to activate the loop.

Pasted Graphic 4

The Loupe tool magnifies everything that is inside the smaller circle. Change the size of the source and destination either through keyboard shortcuts or by using the scroll-wheel, scroll pad or scroll button on your mouse. Both left/right and up/down scrolls are used.

Pasted Graphic 2

The Loupe tool magnifys information being drawn; therefore, the line width/point size is the same in the magnified region as the original, and not magnified. The magnified portion displays an axis that adapt as the moused is movd to zoom in/out.

Hover mode

DataGraph has a Hover mode that will show the value and corresponding row in the Data Table for a given point on a graph as the mouse is moved over that section. Activate Hover mode by selecting ‘Show Hover Information’ from the View menu or by using the keyboard shortcut, ⇧⌘H.

The Hover tool provides information depending on the type of plot. In the Box plot example below, the Hover tool provides the statistics used to generated the plot based on the underlying dataset.

Hover and Loupe together

Hover information is shown inside the loupe tool over the graph. Multiple hover tags are shown at the same time.

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