Notes and Comments

There are two ways to annotate a file with notes or comments in DataGraph.

  • Add Pop-up Notes (NEW in 4.7)
  • Add a Comment Block

Pop-up Notes

Pop-up notes give you a new option for adding documentation. Add pop-up notes to any of the following objects:

  • data columns
  • variables
  • commands, and
  • groups.

To create, click the gear menu on any of these objects and select Add Note.

Add text and pop-up notes to autodetect URL links.

When closed, the notes show on the right side as a small icon next to the object.

You can have multiple pop-up notes open at the same time. The notes are connected to the objects, so when you move a column or command object, the note will remain attached.

To delete a pop-up note, open the note and delete the text in the note. The note will disappear when it is closed.

Notes for Data

Add plain text comment blocks in the column list or variables list by clicking the note icon. These comment blocks can be moved around freely in the list.

Add text to the comment block. URL links are automatically detected.

Notes for Commands

In the command list, rich text comment blocks can be added by selecting Command > Add Text Description or by clicking the note icon in the toolbar.

You can also add URL links or even paste images or screenshots.

Use the Format menu, to change the font size, color, or justification.

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