From Command

The DataGraph drawing commands not only display data, they can also perform a variety of calculations, depending on the particular command.

Using the From Command column you can:

  • Extract values “from a command” to the data table, and
  • Use the values in other graphs or calculations.

Create a From Command column from the column list OR using shortcuts directly from the commands.

Create using Shortcuts

The fastest way to extract data using a From Command column is to use built-in gear menu shortcuts, from a command that analyzes or processes data (See list of commands).

Step 1: From the command, click the gear menu.

Step 2: Select Extract as Column and choose from the list of available parameters.

Extracting Results from a Fit Command

This will create an entry in the column list and add it to the data table.

Create from Scratch

Step 1: Select From Command from the Other drop-down menu.

This creates an entry in the column list.

Step 2: Select the command using the From menu.

Step 3: Select the parameter or values you want to extract using the Name menu.


The residual from a Fit command is plotted using a From Command column type.

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