Link to URL/File

In the Other drop-down menu, you will find the Link to URL/File option.

Image: Data toolbar

Group Name

When you add select Link to URL/File, the following item is created in the data list, where here it has also been named as ‘My Linked File’.

This is a container similar to a column group, in that it will contain a list of linked columns. When it is created from scratch, there are no columns shown.

File Location Entry Box

Expand the object, to see the URL or Local file entry box.

Type in the location of the local file or a URL location. This could be a csv file or a JSON file.

Add Columns

If the file is read properly, you will see a list of columns available in the file. This does not import the data, but is just a viewer of the data you can add.

Place a check mark next to the colums you want to add to the file. When you do, an column object is created for each one. Below the column objects are outlined in red.

The columns will now be visible in the data table.

NOTE: The linked column objects are similar to column objects for data entered into DataGraph. For example, drag them to change the order, hide and show in the data table, and use the delete key remove; however, the linked columns must remain in the group to remain connected properly.

Key-Value Pairs

JSON requests from larger datasets may have the option of using key-value pairs to specify the data to return. For example, the World Bank API works with an aurgument based URL request. Rather than having to construct a very long request statment, you can enter each key value pair.

Here is an example requesting a list of low income countries (incomeLevel = LIC). Per the API documentation, the request can be made using:

Here is how the request is made in DataGraph.

Reload Data

At any time you can reload the data by clicking the reload symbol show here.

If the object is collasped you can reload from the gear menu.

Reload on Change

Click this button to force a reload when the path name is edited. This is checked by default.

Save Column Content

Check this button to make sure data will be available when you are offline. This is NOT checked by default.

Timed Reload

Check this button if your data is changing on a regular time increment and you want to automatically have the data reloaded/refreshed. You can also specify the time increment in the following units:

  • min
  • hour
  • day
  • week

When you have a timed reload you will see a progress in the top right corner. When this completes the circle, the data will be reloaded.

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