Forum Notifications

Email Digest

To avoid users getting an email for every post/reply on the forum, we have set up an option for receiving daily, weekly, or monthly email updates.

To view/modify your preferences:

  • Go to the Edit menu in your profile
  • Find the section ‘Forum Digest Preferences
  • Check the menu to Enable Forum Digests

Specify how often you want to receive the digest using the drop-down menu.

Options for Email Digest

If you still want to get notified of ALL activity as it occurs, check the box “Still get notified of new topics/replies …”.


On any forum or topic, you can also click the Subscribe button, to receive emails updates for new topics/replies, as they are posted.

View and manage your subscriptions from the Subscriptions tab in your profile.

When you create a topic or reply to a topic, there is a check box for receiving email notifications that is checked by default. This subscribes you to that topic/reply. As long as you keep that checked, you will receive an email updates.

Turning on the digest, does not effect your individual subscriptions to Topics/Forum.

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