DataGraph 4.5

Updated User Interface

  • Dark Mode Support is Here!
  • Wider Thumbnail Bar
  • More powerful data table

New Additions

Improved Functionality

  • Improved Loupe tool for magnified view
  • Improved look to break on the y-axis
  • Create you own custom size list in the Style settings

Learn more: How to Specify the Size of a Graph

More Command Options

Box — Added a new drawing type to the Box command, to draw smooth sideways histograms, an elegant way to display data.

Label — Added a snap option to the Label command.  You can continue to have the label snap to points on a function or graph, or you can turn off the snap option to smoothly transition the movement of a label as you drag it on a graph.

Variable Options

The Expression variable has two new numeric values that can be pulled from columns, to use in other calculations: Integrate and Column Length

Learn more about key updates in What’s new in DataGraph 4.5

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