What’s new in DataGraph 4.5

Our latest version is out and ready to use with Catalina!

A major theme in DataGraph 4.5 is improved user support and online documentation. 

The new community forum is an updated version of our on-line help system that has a new bulletin board and news blog. We have also taken our old template files and replaced this with an on-line file collection.

Community Forum

This is a brand new web site that houses a Knowledge base, Discussion Board, and News blog. We’ve added Help links to the gear menus throughout the program, leading you to the Knowledge base. We are already filling the Knowledge base with animated GIFs and more examples.

The forum and the on-line examples will be living resources that continue to evolve with user feedback. 

On-Line Examples

The old template manager has been replaced by the new collection of on-line example files. The files are now in a searchable list, that lives in the cloud.

The benefit? Now, when you ask a question or need an example, we can provide a DataGraph file to the on-line collection in real-time.  

To access the examples, select File \ On-line Examples or type Shift-⌘-N.

More Powerful Data Table

We have completely rewritten the code underlying the data table. You will now see group names labeled above columns in a group. The column headers can now be edited in place and are draggable objects.

Other changes are behind the scenes, but table scrolling and calculations are even faster. Easily work with millions of rows of data. Big Data — Bring it on!

Dark Mode Support is Here!

DataGraph in Dark Mode causes your graphs to POP! Icons have been updated throughout the program to work in Dark Mode.  

A tremendous effort went into creating Dark Mode compatible icons, but we think it was completely worth it. We love using DataGraph in Dark Mode and hope you do too!

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