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  • What’s New in DataGraph 5.1

    What’s New in DataGraph 5.1

    DataGraph version 5.1 is full of additions and improvements that started with user requests. We think this version has a little something for everyone. New Link to Files Link to URL/File, online or locally. Works for comma-separated text (CSV), or JSON formatted data. Set a timed reload for data that is frequently updated or being […]

  • What’s new in DataGraph 5.0

    What’s new in DataGraph 5.0

    A primary goal for Version 5.0 was to make it easier for new users to get started while helping existing users to become power users! The new example file window is a big part of that effort. Version 5.0 also has a new look with a new toolbar, providing quick access to all the DataGraph […]

  • What’s new in Datagraph 4.7

    What’s new in Datagraph 4.7

    DataGraph 4.7 is a significant update that works better and has a number of important tweaks and useful additions. This version features a new scalar field command and pop-up notes. We also added new options based on user’s feedback, such as text outlines for labels and drawing intermitting points in line plots. Enjoy! Key Features […]

  • What’s new in DataGraph 4.6

    What’s new in DataGraph 4.6

    DataGraph 4.6 was released on October 14, 2020. Here are some new key features. Graph Groups A new ‘Graph Group‘ mechanism has been added for grouping multiple graphs into a single object. Use to organize graphs and collapse them for easier navigating when you have a lot of graphs in a file. Present from Zoom […]

  • What’s new in DataGraph 4.5

    What’s new in DataGraph 4.5

    Our latest version is out and ready to use with Catalina! A major theme in DataGraph 4.5 is improved user support and online documentation.  Dark Mode Support is Here! DataGraph in Dark Mode causes your graphs to POP! Icons have been updated throughout the program to work in Dark Mode.   A tremendous effort went into […]