Version 5.1

Released February 16, 2023

Free update for all license holders.
App store users must download from the mac App store.
All other license holders download here.

Why are you seeing this page? You just opened DataGraph and the program detected that a new version of DataGraph has been released. This update is free for license holders. Please take a moment to upgrade your version.

NOTE: If you downloaded 5.1, you may be seeing this message twice. The version was incremented to 5.1.1. Please download here for the latest version.

Key Features

  • Built-in Getting Started Guide.
  • Easier to draw complicated expressions with the Function command.
  • More built-in functions – sd(), sum(), and lambertw().
  • Link to Files, CSV or JSON, locally or online.
  • More options and improvements in the Box command.
  • Constrained non-linear curve fits in the Fit command.
  • Find and Replace (⇧⌘R) has more options, including Regular Expressions.
  • Apply style and canvas settings to graph groups.
  • New contour options in the Scalar Field Command.
  • Option to use ‘Focus Mode’ as default under Settings.
  • Visual updates for the latest macOS.

New Shortcuts

  • The toolbar now has a button to turn the Hover on/off.
  • Swap mode has a new shortcut (⇧⌘D).

Other Improvements

  • Find (Edit > Find or ⌘F) now includes empty cells or invalid number/date cells.
  • Compute standard errors using the Multivariable Fit command.
  • Scalar field contours have a new smooth option (linear vs. cubic splines). 
  • The Violin Plot (Box command) better represents outliers. 
  • Extra axis is now more careful when drawing overlapping x/y axis. 


  • Tokens now work for the Box command for multiple boxes.
  • Fixed an issue when exporting date columns to an Excel sheet.
  • Fixed an issue with logarithmic binning in histograms.
  • Other fixes and improvements.

Learn more about key updates in What’s new in DataGraph 5.1.

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