How to add Error Bars

Several plotting commands have the option of adding error bars including: Plot, Points, Bar, and Bars.

Key Features:

  • Set the style of the error bars
  • Set the direction of the error bars
  • Vary the magnitude of the bars in any direction

NOTE: These examples assume you have the value for the error bar as a column in the data table. If you have the raw data, you can calculate the mean and standard deviation or mean the standard error of the mean (SEM) using the Pivot command, then the error bar is displayed automatically.

Error Bars Menu Options

The option to include error bars is at the bottom of the Plot, Points, and Bar commands. By default, Error Bar is set to ‘No Error’. Changing this setting to select the type of bar, expands the command to show the error bar options.

Error Bars in One Direction

In this example, each row has a value for x, mean and standard deviation (s).

  1. Select the first two columns and click the Plot command short cut.
  2. Set the Point style to a solid point.
  1. Expand the command.
  2. Select the bar style from the Error bars menu (e.g., tiny, small, medium, wide). You now have more error bar options.
  3. Use the Error in Y (or X) menu to select the error.

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