Beta Version Features

Live on the edge, follow the Beta! The Beta is the development version of DataGraph where we add and test new features, fix issues, and make improvements.

It is fairly stable, but transient problems do pop-up. They are quickly dealt with and the beta is occasionally updated daily. If you are running the beta you will be notified when a new version is available.

Download 4.7 Beta

New Features

  • 11/19/2020 : Version 4.6.1 is released, resetting the beta
  • 11/30 : Added notes for columns, variables and commands.  Add them using the gear menu.
  • 12/10 : Added a way to export a dtable file
  • 12/22 : Added an option to ignore formatting characters for labels.  Useful to avoid the _ causing a subscript
  • 12/22 : Fixed an issue with the remove outlier.  4.6 broke that, should be back to the 4.5 and before behavior.
  • 12/26 : Added an option to the Plot command to draw very N points using a marker.
  • 12/28 : Fixed an issue with formatting, showed up for example in the category axis when you had sub/super scripts.
  • 1/10 : Fixed a problem with the date axis when the range was across a new year but just a few minutes across.
  • 1/11 : Text From Column variable now works properly when getting the name of a redirected column.
  • 1/27 : Fixed a crashing bug in the beta related to date formats.
  • 1/27 : 5% and 10% padding for a date axis will not treat Jan 1st 1970 any differently.
  • 1/27 : Fixed an issue with dragging. Happened when you had something selected and then starting dragging something that wasn’t selected.
  • 1/27 : Tweaked the date axis when you span a new year with a few seconds/minutes on either side of midnight.
  • 1/27 : The space for X and space for Y now is used even if there are no tick marks drawn if you specify the space exactly. Medium, Narrow etc is based on the font size and with no tick marks that space is 0.
  • 2/10 : Added a label position “End” to the Bar command to match the “End” option for the Bars command.
  • 2/14 : Tweaked the JSON group so that it also understands a CSV output and not just JSON.
  • 2/20 : Extended the JSON importer to import text files from disk.
  • 2/21 : Added an outline option for the background for Text and Label commands.
  • 2/23 : The excel importer broke in a recent beta. Fixed that.
  • 3/2 : Fixed an issue with the “Group from URL” when it reads in a file from disk.
  • 3/9 : Tweaked the residual graph in the fit function to work better when you have a lot of points. Didn’t work well when the points were not sorted in x.
  • 3/11 : The Connect command didn’t work properly with a color scheme when you used the curved lines.
  • 3/11 : Fixed an issue with the map column and updates/changes.
  • 3/14 : Various improvements to the Scalar drawing command.
  • 3/22 : Adjusted where new columns, variables and commands are created when you create them. Do a better job of creating them right after the object you are working on.
  • 3/22 : Fixed an issue on Big Sur with bitmaps that have very low resolution.
  • 3/23 : Fixed an issue introduced in the last beta when you select a command group and create a command.
  • 3/24 : Fixed an issue with the split axis selector. Didn’t show up on new commands that were added.
  • 3/28 : Added a SE to the non-linear fit (Arbitrary fit option in the Fit command).
  • 3/30 : Fixed issues with the Scalar field.

Existing Features

  • Units conversions for the standard numerical column type. Create them through the gear menu.
  • A preference option so that you can set when the Points command switches to a pixel approach. The default is 200,000 but you can raise it if you want to get more points drawn with the selected marker.
  • Scalar Field command – added an option to draw logically rectangular meshes. This means you can specify the x and y coordinates of the mesh as arrays and not just lists.
  • Column – Number From String – Looking for a good use case
  • Freehand command
  • Database connectivity
  • JSON connectivity
  • Number from Text column

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