Beta Version

Live on the edge, follow the Beta! The Beta is the development version of DataGraph where we add and test new features, fix issues, and make improvements.

It is fairly stable, but transient problems do pop-up. They are quickly dealt with and the beta is occasionally updated daily. If you are running the beta you will be notified when a new version is available.

Download 5.1 Beta

New Features

  • 2/3 : 5.0 is out. Resetting the beta.
  • 2/19 : Fixed a bug in the scalar field.
  • 2/19 : Added an option for the Scalar field contour to switch between Linear (4.7.1 behavior) and cubic (5.0 behavior).
  • 2/22 : Added a snooze functionality for the beta notification.
  • 2/24 : Fixed an issue with reading Excel files in the previous beta (a version issue with the libarary)
  • 3/31 : Extra axis is now more careful when drawing overlapping x/y axis. Properly removes tick marks and grid lines when you have a x and y axis inside the graph.
  • 4/1 : Added a new option to the Box plot – Interval.
  • 4/21 : Beefed up the Find and Replace option. Added start,end, exact and regular expressions.
  • 4/26 : Enabled dgraphconnect again in the beta.
  • 4/26 : Fixed an issue when exporting dates to an Excel document. Was off by one day.
  • 5/9 : Improved the function command to make it easier to draw functions that have complicated coefficients.
  • 5/25 : In the Find option, added options to find empty cells or invalid number/date cells.
  • 6/1 : Fixed a crashing bug when you used a gradient with three colors.
  • 6/10 : Added SE errors for arbitrary multi-variable fit.
  • 6/20 : Improved how DataGraph restores files from disk. In the past if an open file was changed by another instance of DataGraph, which could result in often asking to Save.
  • 7/29 : Fixed an issue with logarithmic binning in histograms.
  • 9/11 : Value and Value Group tokens now work for the Box command when you have multiple boxes.
  • 9/11 : Added two more functions – sd() and sum. sd computes the standard deviation (s, not sigma) for a list of numbers sum() is the sum of the values.
  • 9/13 : Changed the options to the Interval option for the Box command.
  • 9/18 : Added constrainted optimization to the Fit command (Arbitrary fit). This is a first version, and will likely need refinement. In particular when the bound is a finite interval.
  • 10/16 : The violin/smooth plot in the Box command now works better in cases where you have outliers.
  • 10/18 : For constrained optimization, snap better to the boundary if the optima is there.
  • 10/25 : Fixed an issue with the special importer.
  • 11/18 : Fixed a problem on macOS 13 that causes a crash when you close a file.
  • 11/23 : Fixed an issue with the graphic command that could stop files from being opened properly. Those files will now open, the file was not corrupted.
  • 11/23 : Added entries to the gear menu for a graph group to make it easier to copy style or canvas settings.
  • 12/19 : Fixed an issue with importing dates from a single Excel sheet.
  • 1/9 : Added lambertw function to the function library.

Existing Features

  • Units conversions for the standard numerical column type. Create them through the gear menu.
  • A preference option so that you can set when the Points command switches to a pixel approach. The default is 200,000 but you can raise it if you want to get more points drawn with the selected marker.
  • Column – Number From String – Looking for a good use case
  • Freehand command
  • Database connectivity
  • JSON connectivity
  • Number from Text column

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