DataGraph 4.6.1

DataGraph Version 4.6.1

Released November 19, 2020

Free update for all license holders.
App store users must download from the mac App store.
All other license holders download here.


This release has a small changes and improvements for DataGraph but a leap forward for Apple. This version is compiled for the new Apple Silicon M1 Chip and works on Big Sur!

Key Features


  • Added support for Apple Silicon, M1 chip and Big Sur.


  • Changed how the program behaves when editing entries in the table and hit the ESC key. Now when you are editing a table field and hit ESC, the field is closed, but the change is accepted. Before ESC didn’t do anything (just beep).
  • Improved the dgraphconnect command. The dgraphconnect program is a Unix utility that is included with DataGraph.


  • Text command can now properly drag around text that is rotated inside/figure clockwise or counterclockwise.
  • The Text expression column has been fixed to work with text variables.
  • Fixed an issue with the Mask column.

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