The Bars command is for creating side-by-side and stacked bars.


The Bars command requires one column of numerical data.

When you have more than one column, the command will produce side-by-side bar graphs.

If you also have a Label the command will show text labels across the axis.

For a demo, see How to make a bar graph.


Select the Type of Bar graph:

  • Standard (default, side-by-side)
  • Stacked
  • Area


The Labels column is used for the Axis labels.


Vary the Fill for all the bars at once:

  • Solid (default)
  • Pattern
  • Noise
  • Gradient


Customize the Line around each bar.

Position offset

Move the bar location relative to the main axis. The value

Tool Tip for the Position Offset

Between Bars

Change the space between bars in the same category.

Error Bars & Labels

Add a column for the Error bars or Labels for each column.

Customize the Error bars and Labels at the bottom of the command.

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