Text from Column

The Text from Column variable allows you to pull an entry from a column and returns a text (or string) representation of the entry.

For example, here is a column of data, where the first row is ‘Apple’.

A Text Column

Here is a variable named Label, where the value is ‘Apple’.

A Text from Column Variable
Label = ‘Apple’

The Text from Column variable can be used in the same way as the Text variable is used (i.e., for a label or in a mask).


Input the Column you want to pull data from and What you want to pull.


You can choose any column type, Text, Numbers, Dates, and Expressions.

To create a Text from Column variable:

  1. Create the variable from the Other menu
  2. Type the name of the variable
  3. Select a column to pull data from
Create the Variable


Specify What to output:

  • Row… to return the entry at that row number,
  • Column Name to return the name of the column.

Enter a row number.

Changing Row Number

The row number can be any numeric variable, such as a Value, Slider, or Expression.

Note: The entry needs to be an integer in order to find a matching row. For example, a slider should be set to return integer values.


The output of the variable matches what is displayed in the data table.

For example, here is a Date column that has been formatted to show day month and year.

A Text from column variable will output the same format.

The Text from Column variable can be use in a label or a mask, as described in the Text variable documentation.

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