Automatically import data from on-line data sources using the JSON output format.

What is JSON?

JSON is a structured data format commenly used to transfer data on the web.

In datagraph the JSON group allows you to connect directly to JSON formatted data. The data is refreshed every time you open the file, or click the refresh button on the object.

If you want a saved version of the data, you will need to make a copy (For example, use Edit/Copy as Text) to have the data itself saved in the file.

For information see Wikipedia

Setting up the JSON Group

Step 1: Select ‘JSON group from link’ from the Other drop-down menu above the Column List.

This creates an empty JSON Group.

Step 2: Click the second disclosure triangle in the to open the detail.

Step 3: Enter the JSON call in the URL.

This example is from the World Bank. http://api.worldbank.org/v2/countries/all/indicators/SP.POP.TOTL

Step 4: Check the columns you want to include in your DataGraph file.

For each column you check,
a column entry is created and the data is added to your file.

You can also rename and reorder the columns.


You can check the response of your API call from the JSON group.

A screen will pop-up that shows you the complete URL, the text response, a tree view of the response that you can explore.

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