How to Specify the Size of a Graph

The graph size can be specified to an exact value in the Canvas settings.

Specify the Size

STEP 1: Change the Size menu to ‘Specified’

This will snap the size of the graph and reveal an entry box and a menu. The entry box contains the width, height. The menu to the right changes the magnification of the graph on the screen.

STEP 2: (OPTIONAL) Change the menu to ‘Actual’.

This is an optional step but can be very useful when creating graphs for publication, as the size on the screen will correspond to the exact size you entered.

STEP 3: Edit/Enter the size you want (width, height) using units of measure (in, cm, mm) or pixels.

Create a Custom Size List

Use the gear menu to create your own custom list of sizes.

STEP 1: Enter the size you want as noted above.

STEP 2: Click to gear menu and select ‘Add sizes to menu’.

STEP 3: Click the gear menu again and you will see a list of sizes to select from.

You can remove sizes from the list too. First, type the size in the entry box. Next, click the gear menu and you will see the option to ‘Remove size from gear menu’.

NOTE: The custom size list will be available in every DataGraph file you create.

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