Column Groups

A column group allows you to organize data columns.

Add Column Group

STEP 1: Highlight columns using the column list.

STEP 2: Click the short cut above the column list.

You can also drag columns into and out of the group.

You can nest groups inside other groups to create a hierarchical data structure.

The groups themselves can also be dragged to move groups of columns at once.

Use the Include button to hide or display groups on the data table.

Even drag a group onto a command to replace all the data used by that command, or group of commands.

Background color

Customize the background color shown in the data table for a group. Use the gear menu to get a list of colors.

NOTE: Placing columns in a group will not effect connections to drawing commands; however, columns that are referred to in Expressions could be effected. For more information see: How to use path names in expressions.

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