DataGraph 4.5.1

This is a minor update but with some important fixes!



  • Added a menu entry to hide the toolbar, under the View menu.
  • Added a method for the group to append subgroups.  
  • Added a Line join option for the Plot command.


  • Works even better with Catalina and dark mode.


  • Paste Special was fixed.
  • Corrected links to Help documentation to new community.
  • The color scheme in the Box command for the points option.
  • Points didn’t draw properly when over 200,000.
  • Works with 10.9 (broken in 4.5).

New Append Action

This new feature makes is easy to collapse multiple subgroups. When you have multiple groups of data with the same structure, you can combine them into a single group with one action.

For examples see: How to Append Groups of Data: Multiple Groups.

New Plot Options

The Plot command now gives you more control over how connections are drawn between points.

Until now, the connections were always using a ‘miter’ type of line join. Now you can choose between miter, bevel, or round.

For more discussion, see the forum post: Plot is not to y scale.

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