Registering ImageTank

When you launch ImageTank for the first time you will get a registration window. It requires a valid e-mail address, and is free.

The registration is validated through e-mail. When you hit the submit button your e-mail is handed to a server ( which sends you an e-mail right away. This e-mail has a confirmation code. This code is proof for ImageTank that you can read that e-mail, and is therefore considered valid. When you paste this code into the field the server creates a user account for you if this is the first machine you are registering and hands your machine back a serial number. You don’t see this serial number, but it is specific to your particular machine and is saved in your preferences.

Once you have registered your machine, ImageTank will work even if you remove your preferences or run it from another account on the same machine.

The next step is to create an account on the community board so you can post questions. ImageTank is based on Agile Development, which means that user feedback and suggestions are used to guide development and are constantly incorporated into the latest version. Updates are frequent, but are not automatically downloaded. We suggest that you keep updating when new versions come out, but you can of course keep old versions around and go back in the very unlikely event that something brakes. If that happens, please let us know immediately through the discussion board so we can address the issue.

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