Automating Tasks in DataGraph

In this webinar, we demonstrate how to quickly import data, some examples of automating common data prep tasks, along with a demo of the command line interface. DataGraph makes all of this very easy! 0:00 Introduction 1:19 Example 1 – Automated update of column headers. 5:21 Example 2 – Automated […]

Avoiding Errors in Genomic Data

Learn about the continuing problem of Excel errors in genomics data and how to avoid these errors using DataGraph. We also demo using a variable to set the duration of an animation. Introduction 0:00 Introduction New in the Beta! 4:08 New in the Beta! Watch a demonstration of using a […]

Welcome to DataGraph 4.7!

DataGraph 4.7 is a significant update that works better and has a number of important tweaks and useful additions. This version features a new scalar field command and pop-up notes. We also added new options based on users feedback, such as text outlines for labels and drawing intermitting points in […]

April Webinars: Chart Challenge with DataGraph!

This month we have been inspired by the #30DayChartChallenge on Twitter. The challenge has five overall categories and each day has a specific theme. To participate, all you need to do it post a graph using #30DayChartChallenge that is inspired by the theme of the day. Here are the DataGraph […]

Webinar: Creating Scalar fields in DataGraph

Scalar fields are two dimensional representations of data, functions, or physical quantities across a surface. For example, topographical maps are a common example of a scalar field, where the elevation at a given x,y location is represented by varying the color. Join us while we explore examples using the new […]

August Webinar Series: Back to Basics

Join us for this month’s webinar series, ‘Back to Basics’. As many of our users head back to school this month, our Friday webinars will cover some fundamental topics. We have three webinars scheduled: Week 1: August 7th — Fundamentals of Drawing Lines and Points Week 2: August 14th — […]

June Webinar Series: From Importing to Exporting

We have heard from several DataGraph users that they are taking this time to dig deeper into the program and learn the ins and outs of DataGraph. If you have used DataGraph for some basic graphing but never really dug into the full set of features that the program has, […]

Tell Stories with Data Animations

Webinar Recording The webinar was recorded on May 29, 2020. In addition to our new user webinar on Wednesday, this Friday will feature a demonstration of animating data. From floating bubbles to bar chart races, animated data has become a popular and effective means to explore and present data. This […]