Link to URL/File

In the Other drop-down menu, you will find the Link to URL/File option. Group Name When you add select Link to URL/File, the following item is created in the data list, where here it has also been named as ‘My Linked File’. This is a container similar to a column […]

Introduction to DataGraph

Start making better graphs today! Get an introduction to the DataGraph user interface, not just how to start making graphs, but how to use of DataGraph’s modular approach, to save time and work efficiently. Learn about data types, organizing data, and copy paste importing. Simple examples are used to illustrate […]

Exploring UN Population Data

Description On November 15, 2022, the world population topped 8 billion people! In this webcast, discover techniques for exploring data using the United Nations World Population Prospects database. Learn to extract and filter data. Use the data to create line graphs and population pyramids. Download the example file from DataGraph: […]

Create Data-Driven Color Schemes

Description Learn how to create a data-driven color scheme. Understand the difference between, categorical, sequential, and divergent color schemes, and when best to apply them. Use the built-in color scheme variable in DataGraph to quickly build a color scheme or create your own. The color schemes in DataGraph were developed […]

Create a Custom Graph Theme

Learn how to create a custom graph theme. DataGraph has a style sheet approach that lets you separate the graph options from the style of a graph. Customize colors, backgrounds, gridlines, tickmarks, and more to create your themes. Create styles and themes that can be appiled to new graphs and […]

Create a Moving Bubble Animation

In this presentation, you will learn how to create a moving bubble animation, from start to finish. Topics 0:00 – Introduction 2:26 – Overview of GapMinder Example File 4:45 – Summary of Steps 7:45 – Step 1 – Get and Prepare Data 21:14 – Step 2 – Plot and Animate […]

Engage Your Audience with Dynamic Presentations

Learn how to turn static graphs into dynamic presentations of data. Topics 0:00 Introduction 6:20 Basic examples of data reveals and data highlighting 10:38 How to create reveals in DataGraph to export into Keynote/Powerpoint 14:29 How to use Presentation Mode 18:35 Example 1: Reveal with a set variable 23:10 Example […]

Great Looking Graphs for Presentations

Master the settings needed to ensure your graphs look great when used in a presentation. Topics 0:00 Introduction 1:02 Presentation Tools 3:58 Three Rules for Good-looking Graphs 7:58 Rule 1: Use Vector Graphics (or make sure dpi is high enough) 20:10 Rule 2: Use Consistent Scaling 27:50 Rule 3: Use […]

Understanding Tidy Data

Learn how the concepts of Tidy Data can make analyzing data faster and easier. Topics include: 0:00 Introduction 1:25 An overview of Tidy Data Concepts 7:12 How to tidy your data using DataGraph: Example 1 16:41 Example 2: Billboard Dataset (remove blanks, convert data types, sorting) 29:28 BillBoard – What […]

Quick Graph

DataGraph has a way to quick way explore one or more columns of data, called QuickGraph. To activate, highlight a number column press the space bar. The QuickGraph will open shown a histogram and summary statistics for that column. If you highlight additional number columns, you will see the relationship […]