Great Looking Graphs for Presentations

Master the settings needed to ensure your graphs look great when used in a presentation. Topics 0:00 Introduction 1:02 Presentation Tools 3:58 Three Rules for Good-looking Graphs 7:58 Rule 1: Use Vector Graphics (or make sure dpi is high enough) 20:10 Rule 2: Use Consistent Scaling 27:50 Rule 3: Use […]

Understanding Tidy Data

Learn how the concepts of Tidy Data can make analyzing data faster and easier. Topics include: 0:00 Introduction 1:25 An overview of Tidy Data Concepts 7:12 How to tidy your data using DataGraph: Example 1 16:41 Example 2: Billboard Dataset (remove blanks, convert data types, sorting) 29:28 BillBoard – What […]

Quick Graph

DataGraph has a way to quick way explore one or more columns of data, called QuickGraph. To activate, highlight a number column press the space bar. The QuickGraph will open shown a histogram and summary statistics for that column. If you highlight additional number columns, you will see the relationship […]

Paste Special

Paste Special When you paste in data, DataGraph does its best to detect the format (comma separated, tab delimited, etc.). If your data is not pasting correctly with basic copy and paste, you can customize what is pasted in using Edit> Paste Special (Shift-Command-V). That will bring up the Paste Special interface. […]

Copy and Paste

Copy and Paste is one of the fastest ways to get data into DataGraph. The data you paste in is handled differently depending what you select in the DataGraph file. New File In this example, we will paste data into a new file. To create a new file, click the […]

How to Calculate the Area Between Two Curves

To calculate the area between two curves in DataGraph, you can use the same techniques for calculating the area under a curve. Specifically, the total integral is determined using the Expression variable and the cumulative integral is determined using the Plot Action column. Total Area Here is an example dataset […]

How to Calculate the Area Under a Curve

There are two ways to calculate the area under a curve in DataGraph. Either calculate the total integral using the Expression variable. Or calculate the cumulative integral in the data table using the Plot Action column. Both methods use discrete values in the data table to estimate the integral using […]

Data Exploration | Nobel Prize Dataset

In this webinar, we illustrate techniques for exploring data in DataGraph. Learn how to mine data using pivoting, sorting, and filtering. We use a dataset on Nobel prize winners as a use case. The dataset contains over 100 years of data on prize winners along with attributes such as gender […]

Monte Carlo Analysis in DataGraph

This webinar will teach you how to conduct a basic Monte Carlo Analysis using DataGraph. Monte Carlo Analysis allows you to represent variability and uncertainly in what would otherwise be a single, deterministic calculation. This approach is used in multiple fields such as financial analysis and health risk assessment. The […]

Emergence of Electric Vehicles

In this webinar, we examine data on the emergence of electric cars. 0:00 Introduction 2:43 Overview of Datasets 10:36 U.S. Alternative fuel vehicle inventory data 26:33 Electric vehicles in Europe 32:56 Q&A – How to change from linear to logarithmic? 37:35 Q&A – How to reverse X axis for the […]