Create Data-Driven Color Schemes


Learn how to create a data-driven color scheme. Understand the difference between, categorical, sequential, and divergent color schemes, and when best to apply them. Use the built-in color scheme variable in DataGraph to quickly build a color scheme or create your own.

The color schemes in DataGraph were developed

Learn more about the Color Scheme Variable.


  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:52 One thing you need to know!
  • 2:57 Topics
  • 3:37 What is a Data-Driven Color Scheme
  • 8:15 Create a data-driven scheme
  • 6:53 Types of Color Schemes
  • 14:45 How to reverse color order
  • 15:24 Create schemes with lots of colors
  • 21:18 Example
  • 29:01 How to copy and paste
  • 30:00 Q&A: How the flags are included?
  • 38:16 How to apply across graphs

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