Create Data-Driven Color Schemes

Description Learn how to create a data-driven color scheme. Understand the difference between, categorical, sequential, and divergent color schemes, and when best to apply them. Use the built-in color scheme variable in DataGraph to quickly build a color scheme or create your own. The color schemes in DataGraph were developed […]

Create a Custom Graph Theme

Learn how to create a custom graph theme. DataGraph has a style sheet approach that lets you separate the graph options from the style of a graph. Customize colors, backgrounds, gridlines, tickmarks, and more to create your themes. Create styles and themes that can be appiled to new graphs and […]

Create a Moving Bubble Animation

In this presentation, you will learn how to create a moving bubble animation, from start to finish. Topics 0:00 – Introduction 2:26 – Overview of GapMinder Example File 4:45 – Summary of Steps 7:45 – Step 1 – Get and Prepare Data 21:14 – Step 2 – Plot and Animate […]

Engage Your Audience with Dynamic Presentations

Learn how to turn static graphs into dynamic presentations of data. Topics 0:00 Introduction 6:20 Basic examples of data reveals and data highlighting 10:38 How to create reveals in DataGraph to export into Keynote/Powerpoint 14:29 How to use Presentation Mode 18:35 Example 1: Reveal with a set variable 23:10 Example […]

Great Looking Graphs for Presentations

Master the settings needed to ensure your graphs look great when used in a presentation. Topics 0:00 Introduction 1:02 Presentation Tools 3:58 Three Rules for Good-looking Graphs 7:58 Rule 1: Use Vector Graphics (or make sure dpi is high enough) 20:10 Rule 2: Use Consistent Scaling 27:50 Rule 3: Use […]

Understanding Tidy Data

Learn how the concepts of Tidy Data can make analyzing data faster and easier. Topics include: 0:00 Introduction 1:25 An overview of Tidy Data Concepts 7:12 How to tidy your data using DataGraph: Example 1 16:41 Example 2: Billboard Dataset (remove blanks, convert data types, sorting) 29:28 BillBoard – What […]

Data Exploration | Nobel Prize Dataset

In this webinar, we illustrate techniques for exploring data in DataGraph. Learn how to mine data using pivoting, sorting, and filtering. We use a dataset on Nobel prize winners as a use case. The dataset contains over 100 years of data on prize winners along with attributes such as gender […]

Monte Carlo Analysis in DataGraph

This webinar will teach you how to conduct a basic Monte Carlo Analysis using DataGraph. Monte Carlo Analysis allows you to represent variability and uncertainly in what would otherwise be a single, deterministic calculation. This approach is used in multiple fields such as financial analysis and health risk assessment. The […]

Emergence of Electric Vehicles

In this webinar, we examine data on the emergence of electric cars. 0:00 Introduction 2:43 Overview of Datasets 10:36 U.S. Alternative fuel vehicle inventory data 26:33 Electric vehicles in Europe 32:56 Q&A – How to change from linear to logarithmic? 37:35 Q&A – How to reverse X axis for the […]

Automating Tasks in DataGraph

In this webinar, we demonstrate how to quickly import data, some examples of automating common data prep tasks, along with a demo of the command line interface. DataGraph makes all of this very easy! 0:00 Introduction 1:19 Example 1 – Automated update of column headers. 5:21 Example 2 – Automated […]