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    peter kampf


      searching for “polar” yields no results. Also, I could not find a command that lets me plot angle-radius relationships. Is that really not possible, or did I miss something obvious?





        We don’t have a built-in option for polar coordinates, but you can create Polar plots by converting the coordinates to Cartesian.  There are some polar plot examples that you can download by searching the example files ‘Polar’.

        The most recent two we just added.


        These examples are set up so you can paste your data into them in either degrees or radians.


        If you are creating from scratch, you need to make sure the aspect ratio is equal. There is a setting for this in the Axis settings.


        We may add a polar coordinates as a built-in option, but for now hopefully this helps.

        If there is some other way you want to display the data or create a grid the Polar coordinates, let us know and we can help make a template.


        peter kampf

          Great, thank you! I had overlooked to search the Online Examples, and your most recent additions are really helpful!


            Sign me up for wanting polar coordinates.  It would be great to enter polar coordinated directly, or to enter Cartesian coordinates and have them computed to polar coordinates.  In the recent online example files, you must enter the polar (degree or radian) values and the code converts it to cartesian for plotting.  How about just letting me enter the cartesian coordinates directly and plot as polar?

            Why?  I’m using a digitizer to get the coordinates from a polar plot I need to recreate in DataGraph; but, that program is given only Cartesian coordinates which comes from setting up the polar plot’s far left and right points as the extend of the “x-axis” and similarly for the “y-axis.”  Clicking on your polar plot point then, of course, gives you the cartesian coordinates.  In the online examples of DataGraph, you cannot enter the Cartesian values.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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