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    dwight ingham gumbs

      Hi all, I’d like to replicate something I’ve seen on a website using Datagraph if possible and wonder you can help?

      So. Just so that you can see what I am after I’d like you to indulge me by following these steps;

      1. Navigate to
      2. Click the “Autonomy Times” tab, (which is about halfway down the page). t will load a graphic/some kind of web interactive web content.
      3. Choose any of the three available options;

      Protect 1 LCD 10KVA

      Protect 1 LCD 15KVA

      Protect 1 LCD 20KVA

      4. Next move your mouse pointer over the graph.

      What you see is a calculated value changing depending on the position of your pointer.


      Is that something I could do with Datagraph? I don’t want it web based so it doesn’t matter if whatever solution only allows those with Datagraph installed to be able to take advantage of.


      Thanks for your help.


        DataGraph has a click-action functionality allows you to click on a graph and update variables.  Then you can base commands on the values of these variables (e.g., mask data).

        It is not web-based but you could use in a presentation, for example in Presentation mode.

        We mimicked the website you provided in an example that has been uploaded to File > On-line examples, “Interactive Line Plot”.

        Is this is similar to what you wanted?

        If so, we can make a demo video to show how we made this file.

        dwight ingham gumbs

          Thanks DGTEam, I’m not sure but I’ll certainly check it out and report back.



          dwight ingham gumbs

            Hi again, thanks for your input. That interactive graph does exactly the effect I am after. Having a bit of trouble manipulating the data to go in it but I’l play around for a while and report back if I can’t get it to work for me.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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