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  • June Webinar Series: From Importing to Exporting

    We have heard from several DataGraph users that they are taking this time to dig deeper into the program and learn the ins and outs of DataGraph. If you have used DataGraph for some basic graphing but never really dug into the full set of features that the program has, this month’s webinar series is […]

  • Tell Stories with Data Animations

    Tell Stories with Data Animations

    Webinar Recording The webinar was recorded on May 29, 2020. In addition to our new user webinar on Wednesday, this Friday will feature a demonstration of animating data. From floating bubbles to bar chart races, animated data has become a popular and effective means to explore and present data. This webinar will show you how […]

  • Webinar: Drilling into Data

    Webinar: Drilling into Data

    This weeks webinar schedule will feature a demonstration of drilling into datasets, using COVID-19 data during the demonstration. Learn how to filter, aggregate, and rank data interactively. The webinar will show you how to filter data using masks and connect datasets using mapping tools. We also have two new user webinars scheduled. These live webinars […]

  • Free DataGraph Webinars!

    Free DataGraph Webinars!

    We have recently started offering free on-line webinars. We are currently offering two types of webinars. First, we have a new user webinar to helps users get started with the program. We will also be offering webinars that are more advanced or focus on a particular topic. This week we are going to talk about […]

  • What’s new in DataGraph 4.5

    What’s new in DataGraph 4.5

    Our latest version is out and ready to use with Catalina! A major theme in DataGraph 4.5 is improved user support and online documentation.  Dark Mode Support is Here! DataGraph in Dark Mode causes your graphs to POP! Icons have been updated throughout the program to work in Dark Mode.   A tremendous effort went into […]

  • Welcome to the DataGraph Community

    DataGraph has evolved a lot over the past 10+ years and the development has always been highly user-driven. This has been due in large part to the user bulletin board that was created when the first version of the program was released in December of 2006. Over the years, that bulletin board had served us […]