August Webinar Series: Back to Basics

Join us for this month’s webinar series, ‘Back to Basics’.

As many of our users head back to school this month, our Friday webinars will cover some fundamental topics. We have three webinars scheduled:

  • Week 1: August 7th — Fundamentals of Drawing Lines and Points
  • Week 2: August 14th — Understanding Data Types in DataGraph
  • Week 3: August 21st — Mastering Masks to Filter Datasets

Webinars are held Friday at 11:00AM EST. Click here to register using zoom.

Our first webinar will compare and contrast the commands used to draw lines and points. Did you know that DataGraph has six commands that can draw lines and four commands that can draw points? Understanding the ins and outs of these commands is key to creating custom graphics in DataGraph.

In the second webinar, we will delve into the data types represented in DataGraph. Of course, numeric data is essential in DataGraph, but you can also analyze text data and dates.

In the third webinar, you will learn tricks to filter data sets using masks effectively. Masks can be simple filters or can be used to represent more complex logical statements for slicing and dicing data.

If you can’t attend live, subscribe to our YouTube channel to get notified when webinar recordings are posted on-line.

Webinar Videos

Week 1: Lines and Points






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