The coordinate plane is restricted to a plane parallel to the xy, yz or xz plane.  If you want to slice with an arbitrary plane you need this variable type. What this variable type does is to define a two dimensional coordinate system in a plane. To do that you […]

Crop with a 2D Region

Create this from the Misc button in the Toolbar This will create the following object Reference selection: You can select an Image, Bitmap or 2D Path object here. When this is selected the side panel will work and allow you to specify the cropping region with the object as a […]


ImageTank has two variable types that might at a first glance be the same, Bitmap and Image. The main difference is that Bitmap is a better match for a photograph from a camera and Image is a better match for the output of a microscope. Bitmaps are either gray scale […]

Variable monitor for Bitmap

The bitmap variable is either gray scale or RGB. The bitmap is also located in space where the origin is the location of the lower left corner and the step size does not have to be 1. The main view variable monitor shows the image and the histogram for each […]

Image From Bitmap

Created by using the gear menu This converts the Bitmap into an Image with channels. The Image variable has a channel structure that needs to be known even without data and will stay the same through all time values if there are more than one time value. This means for […]

Level Set of Image

Create this object by selecting the “Thresholded Path” from the gear menu for an Image object. This action has several names, depending on the field. This is often called a contour line, level set and not just thresholding. The method is that for every cell in the image the method […]

Read a bitmap

If you drag a bitmap file from the Finder it will likely create this object. You can also create it by using the Gear menu for a File object if the extension is jpg, gif, etc. This is a file from an iPhone which has the ending heic. You can […]