DataGraph 4.6

Released October 14, 2020 – Thank you to all of our users that send us feedback, ask questions on the forum, and drive us to make the program better!

Here is a summary of features and improvements in DataGraph 4.6:



  • Transparency for the Color scheme variable
  • Slider range set using other variables
  • Import netCDF arrays
  • Export JPEG2000 file formats
  • Drag and Drop of Graph Thumbnails
  • Quickly Compute the sum of squares


  • Fixed an issue in the pivot command not reporting the type properly for date columns in the flattened row/column.
  • Fixed visual flaws in the Connect command for large pixel widths.
  • Lots of nips and tucks, here and there.

Learn more about key updates in What’s new in DataGraph 4.6

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