How to Select Data

The Basic graphing section shows you how to create basic graphs using a two step process: Highlight columns in the data table. Click a drawing command shortcut. This is a shortcut to first adding the drawing command and then selecting the data using the selector menus. Plot a Subset of […]

How to Edit Tick Marks

Tick marks are the small lines that show the scale of x- and y- axes. The major tick marks are where you can place labels. The minor tick marks denote values in between the major tick marks. Automatic Tick Marks The tick marks are added to graphs by default. When […]

Freehand command

This command is in the Beta version of DataGraph. Feedback on this command is appreciated! The Freehand command allows you to interactively draw lines that overlay on the drawing canvas for a graph. These lines are formed using Bézier curves. To add this command, select Add Freehand from the command […]

How to Add a Legend

A legend is a key that on a graphic that provides a reference for multiple datasets on a graph. DataGraph has three commands that add different types of legends: the Legend command, the Custom Legend command, and the Color Ramp Legend command. Add a Basic Legend To add a legend: […]

DataGraph 4.5.1

This is a minor update but with some important fixes! Summary New! Added a menu entry to hide the toolbar, under the View menu. Added a method for the group to append subgroups.   Added a Line join option for the Plot command. Improved! Works even better with Catalina and dark […]

Using Tabs

Tabs are a way to organize and navigate between multiple files at once. To view the Tab bar, select View/Show Tab Bar. Drag & Drop Windows Tabs can be dragged between windows. Click and drag the tab up or down to separate. Merge Windows Perhaps the easiest way to use […]

Customize the Toolbar

DataGraph has a toolbar across the top of the interface with access to commands, shortcuts for adding notes and groups, a loupe tool, a shortcut to toggle the data side panel, and the Add Graph shortcut. Draw and Label Menus Click these buttons for a drop-down list of all the […]

How to Move Rows of Data

To move one or more rows of data: Step 1: Select the rows. Step 2: Click and drag the curser to the left or right. Step 3: Drag and Drop the rows as needed. If you have hidden rows or groups, DataGraph will confirm whether to also move the rows […]

How to Delete Rows of Data

You can easily delete row(s) of data by selecting the row(s) and hitting the delete key. Hidden Columns The natural approach to just delete the rows that are currently visible might sound intuitive at a first glance but it has one risk that in practice comes up often enough to […]

User Templates

By creating custom templates, you can easily access files with custom settings or commands you frequently use. When you open a file as a template, a new untitled file is created, so you do not change the original file. Start by creating a file you want to use a template. […]