DataGraph 4.6

Released October 14, 2020 – Thank you to all of our users that send us feedback, ask questions on the forum, and drive us to make the program better! Here is a summary of features and improvements in DataGraph 4.6: New! Group Graphs Present from Zoom Connect to R scripts […]

August Webinar Series: Back to Basics

Join us for this month’s webinar series, ‘Back to Basics’. As many of our users head back to school this month, our Friday webinars will cover some fundamental topics. We have three webinars scheduled: Week 1: August 7th — Fundamentals of Drawing Lines and Points Week 2: August 14th — […]

How to Combine Graphs

You can combine or composite multiple graphs using a Graphic command. This command will add an existing graph as an image. You can also use the Graphic command for adding external images. NOTE: If your graphs share the same axis, try using a Split axis. Select Graphs To combine two […]

June Webinar Series: From Importing to Exporting

We have heard from several DataGraph users that they are taking this time to dig deeper into the program and learn the ins and outs of DataGraph. If you have used DataGraph for some basic graphing but never really dug into the full set of features that the program has, […]

Tell Stories with Data Animations

Webinar Recording The webinar was recorded on May 29, 2020. In addition to our new user webinar on Wednesday, this Friday will feature a demonstration of animating data. From floating bubbles to bar chart races, animated data has become a popular and effective means to explore and present data. This […]

Webinar: Drilling into Data

This weeks webinar schedule will feature a demonstration of drilling into datasets, using COVID-19 data during the demonstration. Learn how to filter, aggregate, and rank data interactively. The webinar will show you how to filter data using masks and connect datasets using mapping tools. We also have two new user […]

Free DataGraph Webinars!

We have recently started offering free on-line webinars. We are currently offering two types of webinars. First, we have a new user webinar to helps users get started with the program. We will also be offering webinars that are more advanced or focus on a particular topic. This week we […]

Getting Started

DataGraph is a professional graphing and data analysis application for scientists, engineers, and analysts. Here are a few instructions to get you started. Open Files A DataGraph file is like a workbook that can contain data, notes, settings, commands and graphics, all in one adjustable panel display. To create a […]

How to Import Data

When you import data into DataGraph, the program will interpret your data files to identify column separators, column headers, and determine data types for each column. Drag and Drop Drag and drop is a quick way to import data from one or more selected files on the desktop or in […]