Scalar Field Examples

The Scalar field command works with two-dimensional regular grids. Regular Uniform Non-uniform Rectilinear Curvilinear Grid Download the example files to see how the following graphs are made. Uniform Grid The Scalar Field is used to represent a 10×10 uniform grid of data in three columns (x,y,z). A Color Ramp variable […]

How to add Error Bars

Several plotting commands have the option of adding error bars including: Plot, Points, Bar, and Bars. Key Features: Control the style of the error bars. Control the direction of the error bars. Vary the magnitude of the bars in any direction. NOTE: These examples assume you have the value for […]

Database Connection

Beta version only This is currently only enabled in the beta. This is still under development. Any issues or questions, please contact us for further support. GOAL: Make it easy to connect to a database and download all or a subset of the data. Make it easy to update the […]

Webinar: Creating Scalar fields in DataGraph

Scalar fields are two dimensional representations of data, functions, or physical quantities across a surface. For example, topographical maps are a common example of a scalar field, where the elevation at a given x,y location is represented by varying the color. Join us while we explore examples using the new […]

How to Sort a Column

Columns can be sorted individually, or one column can be used to sort multiple columns at once. To change the sort order in the data table: Right click on a column heading (or click the gear menu in the column list) Select Sort (Increasing or Decreasing) Select from the sort […]

Number from Text

This column type allows you to extract a number value from a text column, to create a new number column. Text Select the text column that also contains numerical values. Location Select the location of the numeric value you want to extract from the text column. There are three ways […]

Reference Manuals

DataGraph has a comprehensive set of documentation including both on-line Knowledge Base and a stand alone reference manual. The DataGraph Manual The DataGraph Manual is a comprehensive resource that is included in the DataGraph program. In DataGraph, open the manual by selecting Help > Manual. From here you can download […]

How to Move Data Between Files

Data can be moved between DataGraph files by copying and pasting on the data table, or by dragging and dropping between files. Drag and Drop Steps to drag and drop data from one file to another. Click an object in the data list. Drag from the original file. Drop on […]

How to make a Multi-color Bar Graph

Make a multi-colored bar graph using DataGraph. For this example, the graph will have categories on the x-axis, like a standard bar graph, but each bar has a different color. Input Data For this example, you need two columns. The column on the left is a Text column. The column […]

Beta Version

Live on the edge, follow the Beta! The Beta is the development version of DataGraph where we add and test new features, fix issues, and make improvements. It is fairly stable, but transient problems do pop-up. They are quickly dealt with and the beta is occasionally updated daily. If you […]