Bars Command

The Bars command is for creating side-by-side and stacked bars. Input The Bars command requires one column of numerical data. When you have more then one column, the command will produce a side-by-side bar graphs. If you also have a Label the command will show text labels across the axis. […]

Bar Command

The Bar command gives you flexibility in placing individual bars at specific locations on the axis. Vary the color and width of individual bars. The fill in the bars can be based on a color scheme or color ramp. Input The Bar command requires just one column of input. That […]


Single points A new Points command will draw one point at the specified (x,y) location (1,1). You can change the location of this point by typing in a new location such as (5,2). Multiple points To plot multiple points, change one of the data inputs to a column. To create […]

Plot Command

The Plot command requires two columns, X and Y. These can be number columns, date columns, or text columns that have been mapped to a number. Line Style By default, the command draws a solid line, that has the some color and width as the pen in the Style settings. […]

Insert images into the forum

One huge advantage of this new forum is that you can insert Retina quality images in-line with your post. Step 1 – Click the Image icon Step 2 – Upload an image Step 3 – Resize your image and set the justification. Done.

Edit your Profile

Once you login to the forum, you can access your profile by clicking on your user name. This will open your profile page. From here you can track your activity in the forum. To edit your information and upload a custom profile picture, click Edit. Now you can edit the […]

Create your account

By joining the DataGraph community, you will be able to participate in the forum and comment on articles. You can also subscribe to topics and get periodic email updates. First, you must have a registered copy of DataGraph. Both license holders and trial users can create an account. Here are […]

Welcome to the DataGraph Community

DataGraph has evolved a lot over the past 10+ years and the development has always been highly user-driven. This has been due in large part to the user bulletin board that was created when the first version of the program was released in December of 2006. Over the years, that […]