November Webinars: Welcome to DataGraph 4.6!

This month we have a webinar series that will highlight aspects of our new version, DataGraph Version 4.6!

November 6th: Colors and Color Schemes

Our first webinar this month is also inspired by the colors of fall this time of year in North Carolina. We will highlight the new transparency slider in the color scheme and give you all the tools you need to use color schemes in DataGraph effectively.  

November 13th: Composing Graphs for Publication

A common question we get is how best to combine multiple graphs to create a panel graph or combine images for publication. DataGraph 4.6 has new features for thumbnails to make this task faster and easier.

November 20th: R-DataGraph

Combine the R statistical programming language with the power of DataGraph to bring a new level of flexibility and easy data visualization to your analyses. We will explore several use cases to show you how to integrate these two powerful tools using DataGraph 4.6.

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